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“Stewart is frank about Rappaport’s prickly personality… Those details, coupled with more admirable qualities like curiosity and drive, serve to make her an entertaining presence. A lively, chatty exploration of a life that veered in many intriguing directions.” Kirkus Reviews

“Stewart adeptly fleshes out the life and motivations of Rappaport… and succeeds in bringing to light a strong woman whose love of books helped inspire a life driven by purpose… Rappaport’s larger-than-life story will entrance readers.” Library Journal

“A wonderful, nuanced portrait of a singular woman whose life, though fraught with personal trauma, persecution, and political unrest, was grounded in an abiding love for books and reading and the solace they bring. An inspiring story told with genuine affection and respect.” Booklist

““A Well-Read Woman” is an instructive read, illustrating the mesmerizing life of a truly unique individual.”  Jewish Chronicle 

“If you’re a true bibliophile, you’ll enjoy the life story of Ruth Rappaport. It was her love of books that propelled her through life, from the restricted readings of Nazi Germany to the Library of Congress.” Marie Claire

“Two New Books Give Zionist Feminists a Well-Deserved Place in History” J. the Jewish News of Northern California

“A highly readable and fully-realized portrait of an outspoken and fiercely independent champion of intellectual freedom, dedicated to defying censorship and bringing books to people because “she wanted everyone, everywhere, to read whatever the hell they wanted.”Arizona Daily Star

“Tucson Author’s Obsession with Librarian who Fought Censorship Leads to Book” This is Tucson

“Bio Reveals Adventures of Refugee from Nazis” Arizona Jewish Post

“Storied Past: Local Librarian Traces the Footsteps of Remarkable Woman” Tucson Weekly

“The Book of Ruth” Hillrag

“An exciting, understated biography about a woman, librarian, and survivor who was deeply involved with some of the major events and movements of the 20th century.” Chris Wolak of the Book Cougars Podcast

“Over­all, A Well-Read Woman is live­ly and chat­ty, enter­tain­ing, edu­ca­tion­al and well-researched, shed­ding light on the life of a lit­tle-known booklover who want­ed to illu­mi­nate oth­er people’s lives by mak­ing books acces­si­ble to them.” Jewish Book Council